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Free Use Bimbos 7: Sneaking My Cock In My Sister's Bimbo Pussy While Mom Drove!

Mom had no idea. Not a clue.

We were driving across country to visit my sick aunt and sis and I were “stuck” in the backseat with each other.

Unbeknownst to mom, I had ways of “entertaining” myself. Steph was the perfect backseat companion. Tall, stacked, blonde, dumb as a rock and completely oblivious that her brother was taking full advantage of her.

This was the best road trip of my life!


Ever since the Free Use act of 2013 was passed, all women - whether they liked it or not - were the sole property of men. Of course, many women protested their hearts out, God bless them, but the counter protest consisted of horny old coots who used the new free-use laws to take full advantage of them.

I'd heard stories of men banging 20 chicks in one day. Just going from one protesting lady to the next. Once they started falling pregnant, the protests died down. Ah, to be one of those lucky men.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom. There were still plenty of women to bang. All of them - to be precise. Now I can't sit here and say that I haven't partaken in the brazen act of fucking a woman in public while she completely ignored me. I have. But I'd never taken a relative. Never really even had the thought.

Until last week.

What happened last week?

My bimbo sister, Steph, turned the big 18. Yep, she was officially fair game. Her dumb cunt was now mine for the taking. I wanted to be her first and if I knew anything, she was going to be hot on every guy's wishlist.

Even though she was as dumb as a box of rocks, she was a nice girl. Fresh-faced, just turned 18, long blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and cute freckles all over her face and cleavage.

So it was with great relish when mom sprung the road trip across the country to visit her sick sister on us.

36 hours with the dumbest woman I knew. A true Kevina.

Oh yeah, this was going to be a blast.

So, mom, sis and I load into the car. It starts out with mom and sis belting out some John Denver tunes with Steph mis-hearing nearly every single lyric. I bide my time watching my sister's large tits bounce freely in her t-shirt. After a bit, things settle down and sis starts playing Angry Birds on her phone.

That's when I make my move.

I lean close to sis when mom's concentrating on the road and whisper in her ear.

"I'm taking you, sis."

"Taking me where?" She responds dumbly, not even looking up from her game.

I laugh and wait until mom stops looking.

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