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Consider Pegasus (Starship Teapot #3)

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A secret unicorn, a desperate family, and a cop dead set on hunting them down.

Lem and the rag-tag gang of galactic adventurers on the starship Teapot are set to become roadies for the galaxy’s hottest band – but an urgent call from Bexley’s family means the rock stars will have to wait.

Bexley’s soon-to-be-born sibling has a big secret: wings. On planet Hwin, skeledivergence is outlawed, so the Teapot crew swoop in to help the family escape.

But their planet won’t let them go that easily. Hunted across the galaxy by a fanatical and eerily familiar cop, the Teapotters must find a way to outwit their pursuer and secure a future for skeledivergent people everywhere.

Dive into the next adventure in this satirical space opera series. Artfully intertwining deep themes with tongue-in-cheek humour and intergalactic ridiculousness, Consider Pegasus is a must-read for fans of Ryka Aoki’s Light from Uncommon Stars or TJ Berry’s Space Unicorn Blues.

If you'd prefer to buy from a traditional retailer, it's available now. Consider Pegasus is also available as a paperback. Accessibility matters, so the audiobook will be available soon.
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Customer Reviews

Jan O.

Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Laugh 'til it hurts...

"Consider Pegasus" is the Starship Teapot's story following "Judgement Dave". I continue to absolutely love the characters and storytelling. They are funny and sweet and wild.
I noted in my review of " Judgement Dave" that it was good to see our current events from the perspective of the Teapot universe. I have been more caught up in current events in the years since 2016 then ever before. My eyes and mind have become more open to seeing the vast cruelty and hatred that our country was founded on and continues to show to the marginalized and vulnerable. I know I have so much more to learn, but was feeling overwhelmed.
Along came Starship Teapot. Like Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels", the failings of society and the need for true change are presented with absurd humor. With people who are fundamentally different than we are in so many ways but just like us, for good and ill. With the chance to look at ourselves in non-threatening ways.
I can laugh and cry and cringe and really think. Then laugh again, because...a pink teapot spaceship!
The Starship Teapot is a gift that I am so grateful for. Despite the tone of this review, I am off to have more fun with Lem, Spock, Bexley, BB, Aurora and Henry. I hope you'll join me.

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