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High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men A Fast and Easy Workout with Amazing Results

What direction is your diet and lifestyle taking you today?
Your body has 70,000 miles of blood vessels, about 80,000 miles of lymphatic vessels, and about
100 trillion cells. Our body is a complex engine, comprised of many mini engines within every cell! It
is certainly unfortunate to see so much stress and so many people abusing their bodies with nutrientpoor
diets and poor exercise techniques. It is also sad to see so many people completely oblivious to
the concept of internal cleansing and doing exercises the right way.
Disease is rampant today, with over one million people succumbing to cardiovascular disease
every year. In our country, there are over 1.2 million heart attacks and 700,000 strokes per year. This
is not surprising, especially when you consider 237 million people in North America are overweight,
66 million are obese, and over 130 million people are afflicted with hypertension and high
Embrace this book as I have done; immerse yourself in it and incorporate Pete’s exercise, nutrition
philosophy, and his marvelous system into your daily lives. If you do this, you will get the results you
have always been looking for.
Can you imagine losing those extra pounds of unwanted fat twice as fast? You posses that power
with this book you hold in your hands.
It is the simplicity of Pete’s system that incorporates and promotes, “result driven” fitness, super
nutrition and internal cleansing, which makes it all possible. Can you imagine incredible health and
an incredible body and doing it in half the time with NO PAIN?
This book teaches us about change, for in change we find the truth and the wonderful results we’ve
all been searching for.
Mr. Cerqua is to be complimented for his initiative in having this important book published. Yes
indeed, he has challenged the status quo by making available to the reader a painless alternative to the
NO PAIN, NO GAIN philosophy . . . and I absolutely agree with him.

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