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Deep Electronic Drums

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Deep Electronic Drums is a collection of electro and semi-acoustic one-shots. You get all kinds of polished electronic percussion including light electro drum kits, lo-fi percussion, electro-acoustic drums as well as deep and punchy kits. Each drum kit includes kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, and miscellaneous percussion.


240 High-Quality Electronic Drum Samples
30 Drum Kits
24-bit 44.1 kHz Wav

Drum Kit List:

1 Acoustic Degradation Kit
2 Aggressive Kit
3 Basement Acoustic Kit
4 Beatbox Kit
5 Chunky Electro Kit
6 Creative Delay Kit
7 Crunchy Kit
8 CyberSpace Kit
9 Deep Electronics Kit
10 Drumtronic Kit
11 Dynamic Kit
12 Electro Hip Hop Kit
13 Electro Organic Kit
14 Electro Wax Kit
15 Electron Kit
16 Expressive Kit
17 Feedback Kit
18 Fresh Kit
19 Laser Kit
20 Loud Kit
21 Nouveau Electro Kit
22 Nouveau Hip Hop Kit
23 Novo Kit
24 Nu Tones Kit
25 Oldschool Kit
26 Processed Acoustic Kit
27 Reality Kit
28 Semi-Acoustic Kit
29 Tokyo Kit
30 Y2K Bug Drum Kit
You will get a ZIP (28MB) file
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