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The Craft of Fiction (WH Self Study #2)

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The Craft of Fiction includes four full seminars that were originally produced for my Writers' Huddle members-only site, and which are now available on a self-study basis.

The seminars are:

How to Write Dialogue Well, covering:

  • The role of dialogue in your story
  • How to lay out dialogue correctly
  • Ways to make your dialogue more convincing
  • Common mistakes that writers make with dialogue
  • How to boost your dialogue with scene-setting and actions

Flashbacks: How to Use Them Well and Get Them Right, with Robert Yune, covering:

  • When flashbacks are the best technique to give backstory
  • How to shift in and out of flashback without confusing the reader
  • The biggest mistakes writers make with flashbacks
  • More complex uses, such as parallel timelines

Planning, Structuring and Pacing Scenes, with Roz Morris, covering:

  • Why you need to start your big-picture planning with characters
  • The importance of beginning, middle and end within scenes
  • What to do when a scene goes off-the-rails
  • How to adjust the pacing of your scenes

Writing Descriptions that Engage Your Reader and Advance Your Story (video), covering:

  • Why you need description, and what its function is
  • Some different examples of description in novels
  • Why you might not need to describe characters much
  • Seven ways to make your descriptions stronger

All seminars are audio mp3s unless otherwise indicated. Each seminar comes with a full, nicely edited transcript, plus a downloadable worksheet that includes a summary and suggested further reading.

You will get a ZIP (180MB) file
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