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Fucking My Sister In Front Of Her Boyfriend

It was the perfect plan. One so devious and chilling that it made me hard just thinking about it.

Sis and I made a pact. I’d fuck her right in front of her tied-up, cheating boyfriend, knocking her up and sending him a message at the same time.


I made a pact with my sister. It was a pact forged in depravity; a pact forged in our carnal need for each other. All we had to do was wait for the perfect moment and it would finally be on.

When Lucy first turned eighteen, I was hooked on her. Although I was popular in college - being the object of a lot of hot female attention - there wasn’t a girl on the planet who could measure up to my sexy sister. Lucy had long dark hair, sleek long legs, and tits that were so big and fleshy they stretched even the baggiest of sweaters. She was like a fuck angel, put on earth especially for me.

At first I tried to ignore my forbidden compulsions and fantasies. She was off limits, I said to myself, flesh and blood. But as the months passed by since her eighteenth birthday, and I got through a mountain of tissues over the thought of her beautiful curves and tight cunt, something surprising began to happen...

It started with her teasing me. Whether it was wearing revealing clothes, or brushing her sumptuous body past me when there was more than enough room, she never failed to make my dick rock hard.

The teasing quickly escalated into full blown flirting. She even asked me to massage her one night, making sexy little moans and purrs as I rubbed my hands all over her supple back. It was crazy and fucking hot as hell.

The day we agreed to fuck, I could’ve bust a nut. We shared a passionate kiss and almost screwed each other right then and there, but she wanted to wait. I started to wonder if the whole thing was just part of a sick game she was playing - tormenting me, seeing how desperate I was and if I’d beg. But when she told me her plan, and I saw the seriousness in her gorgeous blue eyes, a wicked grin stretched my lips.

I never liked her boyfriend, so what she wanted me to do was like a gift from heaven to me.

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