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Toot Tango 2

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Full score and all seven parts included to Toot Tango 2.  The work can be performed as a quartet of whistles, decoys and effects or add the simple optional parts of snare and bass drum, castanets and tambourine for a rhythmic pulse and some extra percussive timbres.  

The instrumentation is:
1    Whistles 1 – cuckoo call, police (no pea) whistle, 3-tone (train) whistle, dove call
2    Whistles 2 – nightingale call, pea (referee’s) whistle, goose call, 3-tone (train) whistle
3    Whistles 3 – siren, boatswain’s whistle, duck call, bird “cheep”, apitos
4    Whistles and effects – swanee whistle, sheep, cow and horse effects, duck call,
      3 – tone (train) whistle
5    (optional) tambourine
6    (optional) castanets
7    (optional) snare drum and bass drum (with pedal)

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