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The Verse of Sibilant Shadows

Lovecraftian Horror, invading a multiverse of worlds.

Steampunk. Science Fiction. Fantasy.

No realm is safe from the darkness that comes.Here, presented together for the first time, are the initial twisted tales in every strand of JM Guillen's award nominated series. These gnarled stories wind down dark and twisted paths, meeting in the center of a universe gone mad. Yet, all may not be lost. Even within mind-sundering darkness, there are those who hold the light.

An espionage agent who stands against tentacled miscreations from beyond our world...
A slave girl, fighting against undead monstrosities as a bloodstorm rages outside her home...
A remnant of mankind's ancient dreamings, who watches us from twilit shadows...
A priestess of desire, standing against cultists who write blasphemies with the flesh of the dead...
A lawman in a clockwork city, driven by nightmarish visions of deranged psychopaths...

Each, a different tale within a different world. Each caught within a web of nameless, alien horror.

Come then, wander with us down passages both haunting and lost. Learn the same strange truths as a half-million other readers- there is darkness that dwells beneath the world, a foulness that seeks to devour all things.

Once one learns the dark and terrible truths contained within, their lives are never the same.

These novels, novellas, and short stories are the cornerstones to the Irrational Worlds, with dozens of expansions on the way. Each of them are strands in "The Paean of Sundered Dreams," a multi-genre, universe-spanning array of tales with Lovecraftian themes.

These stories may be enjoyed as individual series, or as part of the Paean in its proper order. These are each the first in their respective strands, with many more on the way.

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