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Journal of a Deadman: Lust

After the horrors on the Judgement and First Plane of Hell, Keith is beginning to realize his assignment to write about his journeys amongst the damned has not spared him from being one. Still battling the weight of his past decisions he’s surprised to find a new ally in a famous personality from Earths past who just happens to be the Overlord of the Second Plane, the Marquis DeSade. With his new companion Usis, they descend to Lust, where they witness how DeSade has made the art of torture into a theater production in the French style. Keith quickly learns that any hope that he would grow accustomed to the pain inflicted upon those imprisoned here was nothing more than a foolish pipe dream. On this Plane, he is introduced to the essence of suffering while his beliefs about The Father, Hell and the workings of Creation are all brought into question. As his fear and confusion grows, it is also suggested he journey to a cave and visit another of the Fallen, a creature of myth he only knows from the tarot cards he had owned while living. The Dark Lord welcomes you to The Plane of Lust. Here you will learn, with Keith and his two companions how your very passions will be tested and pushed to their limits. Come, let us show you what awaits if your sin is obsession and desire.

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