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For a Future

We have changed our relation to the Sun,
only to discover that we’ve been playing with fire. 

The social institutions of
law, politics and economics,
science and
— the pillars of any society —
are rooted in how we act, think and feel.

Can a better understanding of morals,
wisdom and spirituality transform society?

It’s the only thing that can. The time for us to evolve is now.

It took me a long time to write this book. The ideas covered in the spirituality section have been with me since the 1970s. The section on wisdom condense Immanuel Kant's argument in the Critique of Pure Reason to a few pages. The origin of evil came to me in 2009 while writing the book.

The birth of the Modern world was inspired by Deirdre McCluskey, the critique of capitalism was not.

The emperor has no clothes. If millions of privileged energy-intensive lifestyles have consumed or desecrated much of the Earth's environment in a little more than one generation, what will happen when that number grows to billions of people?

No amount of technologically inspired efficiency can overcome that fact. The way we live is not sustainable. Our moral compass is not working. We are neither wise nor spiritual.

All humans act, think and feel. The book provides three arguments to secure morality, wisdom and spirituality — a foundation on which everything could change.

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