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CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR BODY In 10 Mindful Steps - practical guide

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body In 10 Mindful Steps is a self-paced step-by-step programme that helps to bring awareness and harmony into eating and thus promote a healthy way out of dieting and bingeing cycle. The programme provides 10 practical tasks, by doing which you will be able to discover, analyse and change eating patterns that don’t serve your physical and mental wellbeing.  

You will find the tools and techniques which you will be able to incorporate into your life right away and achieve your weight goal from the place of love and respect to your body!

It is the only guide you will ever need if...

1. You diet most of your life and can’t lose weight - whatever you try doesn’t help.
2. You suspect that dieting has undermined your metabolism and you put on weight from lettuce. You think only starving works for you.
3. You think about food a lot during the day even when you are not hungry.
4. You don’t know when you are hungry and when you are not hungry.
5. You frequently binge eat and then blame yourself and feel low.
6. You worry about eating a large meal.
7. You exercise so you can eat more.
8. You think that food is to blame for how you look.
9. You are either very controlling of what and when you eat or have no control in place at all.
10. You feel the urge to eat everything on your plate even if you are full.

What WILL this guide give you?
• It will make you aware of fundamental principles and attitudes which you can apply in rebuilding, balancing and enhancing your relationship with food.
• It will give you practical tools and exercises to incorporate these principles into your daily life.
• It will make you familiar with common mistakes that stop you from being in harmony with yourself and slow down your weight loss progress.
• It will give you invaluable knowledge that you can use to achieve your body goals.
• It will teach you how to adapt the mindset of a healthily slim person.

What this guide WILL NOT give you:
• Suggestions to follow a certain ‘diet’
• A ‘meal plan’

You will get a EPUB (383KB) file

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£ 19.99

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