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Step by Step 'Achieving Life Goals' Workbook Guide

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Receive step-by-step strategy and guidance on how to achieve your goals. In this guide I will cover how to:

  1. Step 1: Decide What You Want 
  • Identifying Your Goals
  • WORKSHEET: Identifying Your Goals
  • Having a Big Enough Reason 
  • WORKSHEET: Having a Big Enough Reason
  • Creating a Vision 
  • WORKSHEET: Creating a Vision

    2. Step 2: Believe You CAN Achieve It
  • Using the Power of Your Unconscious Mind
  • Learning Change
  • Break Through the Change Cycle 
  • WORKSHEET: Break Through the Change Cycle 
  • Faith in Yourself 
  • Good Will Always Come 
  • WORKSHEET: Good Will Always Come
  • Your Change Resume 
  • WORKSHEET: Change Resume 
  • Empower Your Self Talk with Affirmative Language 
  • WORKSHEET: Affirmation Statements 

    3. Step 3: Plan for Success
  • SMART Goals
  • The importance of OUTCOMES 
  • The 30-60-365 Goal Setting Plan 
  • WORKSHEET: Monthly Milestones
  • WORKSHEET: 60-Day Plan (Short-Term Goals) 
  • WORKSHEET: 30-Day Plan
  • Weekly Planning (The “Ta-Da” List)
  • WORKSHEET: Ta-Da List (1-Week Plan)
  • Daily Planning
  • WORKSHEET: Daily Plan 
  • Productivity: Write a not-to-do-list
  • Monthly Check-In 
  • WORKSHEET: Monthly Check-In 
  • Create Accountability 
  • WORKSHEET: Accountability Strategies 
  • Massive Action and Assessing Results 
  • WORKSHEET: Massive Action/Assessing Results
    4. Step 4: Stay Motivated 
  • Say “NO” to Buts! Eliminating Excuses
  • WORKSHEET: Excuses... Say NO to But!
  • Commitment
  • WORKSHEET: Commitment 
  • Empowering Beliefs 
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs 
  • WORKSHEET: Limiting Beliefs
  • Procrastination: the Pain/Pleasure Principle 
  • WORKSHEET: Procrastination 
  • Stimulating Motivation
  • Key Motivators
  • WORKSHEET: What Motivates YOU? 
  • Identify What Demotivates You
  • WORKSHEET: Demotivation 
  • Failure to Success 
  • WORKSHEET: Failure to Success 
  • Small Changes Lead to Big Results 
  • Celebrate!
  • WORKSHEET: Celebrate!
  • Your Bucket List 
  • WORKSHEET: Your Bucket List
You will get a PDF (12MB) file

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