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On the Matter of the Red Hand

Year 607 of the Forsaken Aetas, Month of Nighharvest 
Shrouded Week, Sundering 
Second Bell, Dusking 

In the distant world of Cæstre, a city teeters on the edge of tainted oblivion.

Thom never quite got accustomed to the visions that came like molten gold in his blood- but then the visions were just part of the job. As a Judicar, his oaths to the city bring him nothing but problems, but this time it's a problem that may get him killed. 

Or worse. 

Thom's alchemical visions lead him to the door of a madman- Santiago Il Ladren. Santiago is a monster, rumored to have his enemies creatively tortured to death- that is, the ones that don't simply vanish. 

It is possible that Santiago will have Thom skinned alive, just for asking the wrong questions. 

Soon, the mystery takes a sharp turn. Thom is lost in a labyrinth of misty streets and knife wielding thugs, looking to leave him all too dead. There is a missing girl- and it happens that Santiago is her brother. Thom stumbles through dark alleyways and only finds more mysteries, and beatings from unknown men. 

Then things take a darker turn. 

Soon it becomes obvious that someone is dealing with secrets that are forbidden and depraved. Every step Thom takes is another down a twisted road that leads to forgotten alchemies and experiments in horror, hidden in plain sight. Finally, lost within strange shadows, Thom is confronted with stark, horrifying truths that he never wanted to face. 

Unfortunately, Thom may have learned these truths a touch too late. 

Fantasy Noir. Steampunk Mystery. Horror in a City by the Sea.

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