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Journeys Beyond Earth, Volume 1

What if reading a short story could feel like reading an entire novel?

"I bet that's impossible," you're smiling already. "Is this some classic blunder?"

Even more, what if childhood magic wasn't lost? My fellow dreamer... it isn't.

Ever felt like there's "more" to life?
"Get real," everyone said.
"Stop being naïve."
"You’re too idealistic."
"You’re impractical."

I'm like you: ridiculed for being a dreamer my entire life. I came to tell you that your imagination is REAL. It’s the most real thing you’ll encounter in your life.

This book does something you've always dreamed about: It transports you into a surreal realm of beauty and wonder.

It contains 12 short stories whose sole purpose is to awaken the beautiful, beloved, fascinating person that you are. 

Feeling butterflies? Here's what's inside.
  • A dozen of immersive short stories tailored to rouse aspects of your limitless wonders. Yes, yours!
  • 'Mindventure', a completely new book genre. Mixin' metafiction with mind! Feat. Spirituality.
  • The option to use mind-expanding compounds. My stories can be read in altered consciousness.

Each writing is written to trigger an out-of-earth, beautiful experience.

What if you could touch your imagination? Would you want to feel it... today?

Strap your seatbelt. Because you can.

What is required to read this book?
  • Extreme levels of open-mindedness
  • Literacy (duh...)
  • 100% responsibility
  • Passion for the universe, for yourself!

Discover what your imagination is capable of... simply by reading.

Remarkable stories don’t have to come in chapters. They can have the same impact on a few pages.

To sum it up, you get a "how-to" for each writing. Don't worry, you needn't jump any fences.

For instance, this includes...
  • Handpicked music for each text
  • A handful of positive intentions
  • How to reach a powerful state without using compounds, such as meditation, nature, or breathwork

Download a 35-page preview.

Psst... You'll love it! It's just around the corner. No need to register anywhere.

Everything depends on your willingness to experience something beautiful.

This is your reality. You are the most powerful creator. This is a story about your own beauty.
The BEST of it all: You already have your imagination. It's just growling to be unleashed. Don't you hear the call? 

What are the chapters?
  • The Pocket Universe (Preview)
  • In Rob Boss' Burrow (Preview)
  • A Lament For Peace
  • The Atlantis (Preview)
  • The Adventurer's Haven
  • A Humble Letter
  • Error 404: Nihilism Not Found
  • Calbuco
  • I Have A Dream
  • The Old Oak Greg
  • Of Monsters And Men
  • The Nameless Lover

Download a 35-page preview.

Click on the "Preview" button in the top-right corner of this page (cover photo).
It contains 3 stories, 35+ pages. Put Journeys Beyond Earth to the test!

Explore new unique possibilities. Venture into the depth of your soul.

You've always sought who you are, what your purpose is, what the universe has to offer, despite that few others have.

The mystical beauty you seek can be touched in Journeys Beyond Earth. It shows you how good and true your imagination is.

It’s time you are proud of yourself.

What will you get?
  • PDF version of the book
  • 12 beyond-earth journeys
  • Over 100 pages of mindventure
  • Any future book's update
In combination with altered state of mind, a chapter feels like reading a whole book.

You are one step away from travelling beyond Earth.

You will get a PDF (839KB) file

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$ 4.99

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