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When an enigmatic stranger charms his way into the palace of the great city of Dinas, the order and balance of centaur society is thrown into turmoil. In the middle of which, a young mare, recently come of age, explores centaur history, digging into the Runes of Roan to uncover hidden truths as the clouds of war roil on Ceffyl’s borders.

Book of Herd is a fantasy novel steeped in myth and magic on an epic scale, exploring centaur society and the hierarchy within, in a plains setting populated with strong characters, strange beasts, and the whisper of something terrible buried deep beneath the mountains.

In Ceffyl, the Herd is Law.

Long live the Herd.

Thus begins the Centaur Chronicles.

Pick up Book of Herd and journey to the world of Ceffyl today!

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