Murder On The Hoof - a murder mystery party game for six players

by Tall Tales Mysteries

Bookmaker Tony The Pony Baloney has been found dead in the stableyard of Legover Racing Stables but what was he doing there, how did he die and who killed him?

Become a racehorse owner, trainer or prospective owner as you gather at the stables and discover what lies behind the untimely death of this notorious bookie. One of you is a killer but whodunnit.

Discover clues as you follow the short scripts that lead you to questions that need answers.

No one knows who the killer is. You could even accuse yourself!

This instant download includes:

  • step by step host instructions
  • detailed character booklets for each character
  • invitations for each character with a unique link to a video that tells your guests about the character they're playing
  • four clues
  • two solutions so you can play the game again but with a different culprit
  • an MP3 audio file from a stable assistant who will bring you the clues

You will get a ZIP (14MB) file.

£ 15.00

£ 15.00

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