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100g SW BFL OOAK108

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100g braid of Superwash Blue Faced Leicester Fibre in colourway OOAK108.
Every braid is one of a kind.
Every purchase will receive a FREE cdickdesigns glitter sticker!

Shipping is flat rate!

Important STUFF!
I ship on Mondays only.
Payhip has some difficulties with physical products within the app, I have been in contact with Payhip to try and have it resolved. This means that occasionally one or more items in your order may show up as being charged $0. There are a few different causes to this.
1. Someone yoinked the item from your cart before you completed payment.
2. For some reason your payment was preauthorized rather than charged, and it will be charged later.
3. Magical reasons that nobody knows.

Here are the solutions
1. I will contact you and let you know that the order for that/those product/s didn't got through to make sure you are aware and aren't waiting for things that will never arrive.
2. No action will need to be taken.
3. I will contact you within a day or two to arrange for payment. I have to wait a while to make sure it wasn't preauthorized so that you don't get charged twice.

I'm sorry if this causes any stress and will do everything I can to make things right!

100g SW BFL OOAK107

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