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The Power Of Self Discipline

How to achieve sustainable self-discipline – 7 key techniques
- Identify your goals
- Be prepared for temptations
- Establish a daily motivation base
- Turn discipline into a habit
- Get Enough Quality Sleep
- Stay positive!
- Surround Yourself With the RIGHT People

Discipline through CLEAR GOALS
- If you want to achieve self discipline, you must have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.
- Clear goals motivate
- You feel good as you get closer to your goals
- You conserve energy / you are less confused
- Key tips: Visualize / Focus

Be Prepared for Temptations
- Set up “if then” statements that guide you through temptations
- You are prepared when temptations arise
- You remain on track since you REMIND YOURSELF of where you’re headed
- Conserves focus / energy / will power

- Focus on establishing a PROCESS you stick to
- Focus less on outcomes but more on sticking to the process
- Eventually, you will stick to the process AND produce outcomes
- Process focus turns to HABIT
- Process provides MOTIVATION

Turn Self-Discipline into a HABIT
- The more you repeat something, the higher the chance it will become a habit
- By focusing on the PROCESS, you get to turn the process into a HABIT
- You scale up over time
- 21 days or 60 days... it doesn’t matter, just stick to a new routine and it will eventually stick if you stay with it long enough

Get 8 Hours of Quality Sleep
- Sleep RECHARGES your will power
- Focus first on DURATION
- Focus on QUALITY (deep or REM) sleep once you have duration locked down
- Feel refreshed and reinvigorated

Stay Positive
- Always look on the BRIGHT SIDE
- Focus more on what you stand to gain
- Allow yourself to get pumped up by possibilities
- Focus on how far you’ve come since the beginning
- Be mindful of your state of mind – it has consequences

Hang out with the RIGHT PEOPLE
- Hang out with self-disciplined people
- They can hold you accountable
- You absorb the values of the people you hang out with

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