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One Wicked Night eBook, Naughty and Nice #1

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For one wicked night…

Benedict Abernathy, an untitled but wealthy gentleman visiting London, is heartily sick of his celibate existence. Determined to leave his shattered heart behind and move on with his life, he accepts an invitation for a night of debauchery in the arms of London’s infamous courtesan, Lottie Townsend.

…she will indulge his every desire.

Lady Charlotte Goodchild has fallen far from privilege and longs for one night of pleasure with the man she loves. But Benedict must be spared the truth of her ruin at all costs. Posing as Lottie Townsend, a notoriously discriminating courtesan and old friend, she disguises her identity and invites Benedict to share the night of passion that fate denied them.

This is a short and steamy regency romance eBook.

A Naughty and Nice standalone regency romance short story.

Naughty and Nice series:
1. One Wicked Night
2. In the Widow’s Bed
3. Love Me Tender
4. Love Me True
5. Wicked Mourning
6. A Husband for Mary
7. A Ramshackle Start
8. Let it Snow
9. Coming Together
10. Unforgettable
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