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Martyrdom Epic Of Imam - Maqtal Al Husain

The author is a defender of the Imams of Guidance who carried
on the Shari’a of the Master of Messengers (S), raised the
saline features of the creed, explained the Sunnah and promoted
righteousness. The said Imams (‘a) disseminated the
Islamic teachings whenever they had the opportunity to do so,
braving nUmarous trials and tribulations, persevering in every
hostile environment. Their foes envied them while those who
despised and hated them harboured a great deal of grudge
against them. The intestines of some of them were cut open
while the livers of others were chopped. Swords severed their
joints, and they were hurled into dark dungeons. Despite all of
this, the light of the truth did, indeed, dispel the darkness of
misguidance. Truth always subdues falsehood. Generations
have been obliterated and new ones have come as the scholars
of the Infallible Household remain vigilant as guardians of
theShari’a. They took upon themselves to study and clarify its
obscurities and comprehend its pith The knowledge of Ahl alBayt
(‘a) has received a great deal of attention and awarded a
great deal of concern; therefore, major Islamic cities have been
filled with many a genius and a scholar. These set up the rules
and established the branches. Their pens delved into each and
every field and wrote about every branch of knowledge and

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