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Fucking My Helpless Sister

Catching my naughty, 18-year-old sister climbing out of the window to escape curfew, I gave her an ultimatum: Fuck me or I tell mom and dad.

Not that she had much of a choice.


Having just come back to the movies I was in a great mood, not only had I finally had a chance to relax, my favorite film series had just concluded a major trilogy tonight.

Despite the bittersweet realization that I'd have to wait a few more years for the next movie in the series, I felt myself invigorated with energy as I walked towards the porch and grabbed my key.

What I hadn't expected was to see my sister halfway through the window, her butt sticking out, while the other half was in the living room.

"What in the hell?" I asked as I inspected the situation, trying to figure out what in hell she was doing.

"Help me big brother, I totally got caught on this nail and then the window shut on me." She explained.

Looking over, I could see a large nail had become caught on her favorite new shirt, and to top it off, the window wasn't moving for her.

As my mind took in all the facts, I soon realized that my sister wasn't even supposed to be out, she had been grounded and wasn't allowed to leave her room after wrecking the family car.

"Yeah, so how does this look like your room?" I asked as I leaned against the house amused at her situation.

"Listen bro, I'm eighteen, I can take care of myself. I just went to the store to get some orange juice. Mom and Dad are fast asleep so it's not a big deal." She said.

"Looks like you're breaking curfew. We have plenty to drink in the fridge, so I don't believe you." I said, not believing her lie for one second.

Searching her jacket pocket, I saw a movie ticket, she had gone to see an earlier showing of the same movie.

"Just help me out, I don't want to get in trouble with mom and dad." She cried, trying to get some sympathy from me.

As I looked at her stuck in the window, caught in the act, and with no way to stop me from punishing her an idea struck me.

"Well, first off, I'll help you. But not until you've been sufficiently punished." I said. Slipping the ticket into my jacket pocket, I took it off and placed it near the door before coming back to my sister again and putting my hands on her ass.

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