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Design and Implementation of Simple Database for Health Centers in Libya Using Oracle Database and Google Earth

Information is a valuable exchequer to an organization. Computer software supply an effective wherewithal of processing information, and database systems are becoming increasingly common wherewithal by which it is contingent to store and restore information in an effective method. This it stocks comprehensive concealment of fundamentals of database management system. This is for those who wish the best understanding of close data modeling, its purpose, its nature, and the standards used in differentiating relational data model. Relational databases are the most public database management systems in the scientist and are supported by a variety of seller implementations. The plurality of the functional tasks in métier requires applying relatively not complex algorithms to huge amounts of well-structured data. The competence of the application depends on the goodness of data organization. Advances in database technology and processing offer chance for using information elasticity and efficiently when data is marshaled and stored in relational structures. The narrative DBMS is a success in the commercial market place with respect to business data processing and regarding applications. This success is a result of cost effective application expansion concerted with high data consistency. The success has driven to the use of relational DBMS technology in other application ambiances requesting its traditional virtues, while at the same time adding new requirements. The current trends in hardware like RAID
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technology made narrative DBMSs to support high transmission rates, very high availability, and a soft real-time transaction a cost effective tolerance. Object-oriented databases are also becoming important. As object-oriented programming continues to increase in vogue, the demand for such databases will grow. Due to this reason, a separate part is being devoted to object-oriented DBMS and object-close DBMS.

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