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The course consists of 4 downloadable reports and 4 checklists - you get instant access.

Now, you'll think I'm going mad with this, but bear with me.

You may just learn a few fascinating things.

Or you might discover that there is a rather easy to "get in and profit" business plan here.

You can profit from one (or all!) of three things here:

  1. Learn about influencers - its a fascinating read, which will inspire you to think about the sheer scale of what can easily be profitable these days
  2. Learn how to become an influencer yourself - remarkably easily
  3. Discover how to cheaply use influencers to promote your own business product or service.
Earlier in the year, as a "joke" in one of my podcasts, I'd decided to say something look this:

(High energy voice over dramatic exciting music) Ladies and gentlemen, I've discovered the holy grail of making money while sat at home doing almost nothing! YES! SO exciting! Thousands of people are making money just opening boxes and recording it on their phone! Earn thousands just for receiving top gifts and opening them! Get repeat commissions of hundreds of dollars. Only work 2 minutes day! Yes! You too can become an influencer, and earn amazing money! Start today"

(Normal voice) "What is going on here? This is crazy - and clearly not possible."

I was recording it when I suddenly thought ... hang on.

Actually there a rather a lot of people doing this and making money. Perhaps there IS business here after all?

Well, I'm more sceptical than most, admittedly, but my journalistic instincts rather kicked in.

I can see that this is a money-making opportunity that's clearly working.

But how the heck do you get started, from scratch, with nothing?

Well, I've been doing my research for a little while now and am, well, let's say I'm rather taken aback.

People with no skills, no followers, no experience actually can and do make rather large sums of money this way.

It turns out, from my interviews with all sorts of "influencers" that getting started is easier than I thought.

They even showed me a load of what are called "Influencer Platforms" - places to learn more and find products to "open" - astonishing!

From just one of these, I learned about "micro-influencers" - that is, starting small and still making good money. That one platform has 20 million in their database (yeah, I know ...)

Another platform has been around for 11 years ...

So, 3 things.

Firstly, I've written up my interviews and new-found knowledge into a series of easy to follow reports and Checklists.

Secondly, you can do this.

Yes, you.

It's not difficult by any means once you know the things you need to do (and what not to do). Someone selling you a course on this would probably hype "Insider Secrets Revealed" or some such, I guess. However, "Learn From The Experts” is more my style, isn't it!

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it doesn't matter whether you actually want to become an influencer.

My reports are, if I may say so, an amazingly fascinating read!

Learning about businesses that are successful, whilst being easy to set up, is simply, inspiring.

The more you read about success, the more your brain understands and learns that such success isn't some impossible dream - it's actually happening, every day, to millions of people.

And the internet is making no cost or low cost start ups easier and easier ...

So, my reports will be linked in Saturday's email at, of course, a lower than normal price (it'll be reduced to $9.99 for all 4 of the reports and the checklists for my newsletter readers).

I think both as a read of an astonishing business model and as a business you should think of deploying, you'll enjoy everything.

And, like I did, you'll learn that assuming something is a joke is probably actually worth further investigation!

The course consists of 4 downloadable reports and 4 checklists - you get instant access.


Influencer marketing has been growing steadily for several years. 2019 won’t see it slowing down.

Here are my 9 influencer-marketing predictions for 2020:

1. Influencer fraud and fake followers are being pushed aside by brands. Brands no longer working with influencers who have had fake followers.

2. Emphasis on Micro-influencers and Nano-influencers instead of mega-influencers. More businesses will be focusing on working with these smaller following influencers.

3. Brands will build long-term relationships with influencers. Continuing to work with the same influencer builds continuity. In addition, it takes away the risks of first-time influencer relationships.

4. There will be a greater focus on storytelling. Influencer marketing, at its core is all about telling a compelling story. The best campaigns are made when brands and influencers partner to create unique content.

5. Video content and live streaming will continue to be a big factor. Because of short attention and limited time, videos are effective. They’re engaging and are fun to watch.

6. Transparency in advertising is key. The Federal Trade Commission has began cracking down on influencers and marketers to clearly disclose their relationships to brands when promoting or endorsing them on their channels. Transparent advertising levels the playing field since everyone has to use the same rules.

7. Influencers must be authentic and honest since audiences require transparency. You will need to connect with brands you honestly endorse and those your audience wants. Brands look for influencers who already use their products.

8. Influencers will turn their personal brands into business ventures. This allows them to turn their social media success into a profitable income stream.

9. Influencers will start using podcasts to increase their reach. Podcast allow them to share more intimate and personal thoughts and give advice to their audience.

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