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Slingers: 30,000 Feet Above Hanoi / Slingers: One Fall To Finish

In this exclusive ebook bundle you will receive the first two volumes in Matt Wallace's five-volume SLINGERS ebook series:

  • SLINGERS: 30,000 FEET ABOVE HANOI (Slingers Saga, Vol. 1)
  • SLINGERS: ONE FALL TO FINISH (Slingers Saga, Vol. 2)

Each ebook is offered here as a MOBI, EPUB, and PDF file to conform to virtually any ereader on the market.

You will be buying the most versatile version of these ebooks at a discount of 50% off their combined Amazon price.

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You will be moved, immersed, thrilled, shocked, outraged, and entertained.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What are you waiting for?

Slingers are men and women who compete in the ultimate team combat sport of our global future. Battling atop the deadway, a narrow platform suspended above the only stable wormhole ever discovered by humankind, their contest is hurling their opponent through a hole in space. On the other side awaits a random patch of sky above the Earth and a fall to a spectacular death witnessed and celebrated by billions.

Slingers are the heroes of the age, elevated to near-mythic figures, but that carefully manufactured heroism is about to be tested outside their arena. In the spaceborne city that has risen around the games something insidious is preying on the nameless and forgotten that have taken up residence in Sling City's dark, abandoned corners. With no one else to stand for them, The Reapers, one of the most popular teams to ever compete in the games, may be their only hope.

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