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Retro games as learning + Return learn games and research

Compilation of the following with updated posters and links

Retro gaming as learning
by Hearts and Minds Media

After being involved in the golden age of arcades and home computer games in the
80’s and 90’s I felt compelled to write a overview of retro gaming as it exists in the
UK and its resurgence as a method of training and educating a new generation of
gamers and programmers. The 80s provided a unique market and opportunity for
bedroom programmers to become involved at a national level in producing products
which sold eventually worldwide to critical acclaim. Alongside this phenomenon of
business was the arcade industry which started in Japan with space invaders and soon
came to enrapture the world in its potential to draw crowds together chasing the social
experience of high-scores and co-operative gaming.
There has been a wave of interest in events and new business’s offering retro game
collecting and playing across the UK in the past 10 years which suggests that the
popularity of gaming on systems and arcades older than 10 years is set to continue.
The following pages will hopefully rekindle your interest in this fascinating area.

Return Learn gaming - Gamejolt channel
by Hearts and Minds Media

Return Learn gaming - Gamejolt channel

Retro gamer, a big fan of indie games and continue to support.

Supporting indie games. Commissioning indie gamers.

Highlighting games that make you think through social change gaming...

Retro remake games - Indie games development
by Hearts and Minds Media

A tribute overview to the best retro remakes on the  pc, which includes all the best remakes from the past oldies like the spectrum, amstrad, c64, amiga and more!

The Retro Remakes scene really inspired some fantastic titles in public domain programming (2000-2010) which sadly faded from view and community activity when steam started to take over for commercialisation of the software scene.

Return learn gaming has backed up the picks of the list to ensure they are not lost and contacted the authors where possible to offer thanks and compliments. Where possible to highlight their impact in this ebook.

Hope you enjoy and any broken links please find the retro remakes backup links on

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