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Nine Refining to the Immortal

  Five elements of the wheel, the real fire nine turns;
  Jiujiu is one, and nine refinements are returned to Xian.
  Double feet stepping through the dusty waves, shoulders shouldering the ancient and modern shackles; Yang Tian laughs and goes to Jiuyi, my generation is a basil man? The man is standing in the world, and he is the best in the world.
The devil's office, the peak of the road to the road.
  Juvenile Sun Hao has been misunderstood as a chicken rib of the ancient inheritance of the "five elements of the wheel", stepped on Xiuxian Road, with his own determination and wisdom, he stepped out of the distance
The ancient glory of the glory of the ancient glory, bravely climbed the peak, the crown of the world. In the end, the ninety-nine will be one, and the achievements will be true.

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