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2 Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in

By Djeukem Momo Loic Cabrel
Brief Summary:

Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in the Acromantula Colonies is an adventure of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle in the eastern edge of the Forbidden Forest where they get caught up and held hostage by the rivaling and dueling Aranean and Araignéean spider colonies; descendants of Aragog.

Detailed Summary:

Harry and Ron set out again at night in the forest and this time with Hermione, Neville, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. As they penetrate the forest, accompanied with Hagrid under the pretext of executing their punishment, they follow a trail of small spiders scuttling on a path, and loose the trail later. They reached in a place barred by a very big depth and a flying broomstick comes and rescue them leaving Hagrid behind.

Afraid, alone without Hagrid and not knowing what direction they are to take, the children all continue their journey. Later on a lost, they found Neville was quietly bound by web cords and carried away by a spider. As the children panic and succeed to release him from the spider's grip, they are suddenly encircled by a great number of gigantic spiders who lead them to their leader. As they reach the colony they learn that it is the colony of Aranea, one of the sons of Aragog. Harry engages in a discussion on the fate of Aragog trying to delay the time for the spiders not to feed on them. The broomstick again comes and saves them and after they travel again by themselves on the gloomy forest with many complaints, arguings and grumblings; and fall again in the traps of some other spiders.

Harry awakens from a brief sleep and sees Ron near him unconscious, and gathers they have been caught by the spiders of the Araignéean colony; and there is an argument and confusion about his fate and Ron's as to what they will do with them. In this confusion and chaos and mutiny, there is a skirmish between the Araignéeans and the Araneans and their leaders; and the Araignéeans succeed to win it. Harry and Ron are carried and dragged along the way by the Araignéeans down the forest and as they reach a place, Harry tries to escape but fails; and the Araneans come back with the news of centaurs arriving to seize the children from them. Later, after some disputes, Harry succeeds to trick the Aranean leader and they manage to flee away after the leader is struck down by a centaur arrow. Harry and Ron exit the forest while getting the noise of the battle between centaurs and spiders from behind.

As they are travelling again down the forest, they fall again on the Araignéeans and Harry manages to rescue all his friends after a duel with the spiders in which he is invisible. He, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle succeed finally in exiting the spiders colony after a very though battle with them and head to the Clean Clearing.

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