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7 Day Simple Home Refresh Challenge

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Ready to breathe new life into your living spaces and infuse your home with a renewed sense of clarity and tranquility? Step into the "7 Day Simple Home Refresh Challenge" workbook—a transformative journey that guides you through a week-long adventure of decluttering, organizing, and refreshing your home, one room at a time.

What's Inside:

🌼 Day-by-Day Room Refresh: Experience the joy of tackling one room each day, applying practical strategies and mindful techniques to declutter, clean, and revitalize your living spaces.

🌱 DIY Cleaning Recipes: Discover the power of natural and budget-friendly cleaning solutions with three DIY cleaning product recipes that transform your cleaning routine.

📅 Cleaning Schedule & Chore Chart Worksheets: Gain clarity on what needs to be cleaned when and create a personalized cleaning schedule that suits your lifestyle. Use the chore chart worksheets to involve your family in the process.

🗒️ Routine Worksheets: Embrace the rhythm of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines tailored to your home's needs, ensuring that your spaces remain inviting and clutter-free.

✨ Cleaning Tips and Techniques: Unlock expert insights and time-saving tips to make your cleaning tasks efficient, effective, and even enjoyable.

Why You'll Love It:

This challenge isn't about overwhelming tasks or unattainable standards—it's about embracing simplicity, fostering an organized environment, and experiencing the satisfaction of a home that reflects your values. Whether you're seeking a spring cleaning ritual or a gradual transformation, the "7 Day Simple Home Refresh Challenge" empowers you to create spaces that inspire, calm, and nurture your well-being.

Join us as we embark on this week-long journey to refresh and renew every corner of your home. Let's rediscover the joy of a serene living space that supports your aspirations and lets your inner peace shine.

You will get a PDF (32MB) file
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