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Overcoming Eating & Sexual Intercourse In Dreams


It is no longer news that forces of darkness are real and waging a war with human beings.

The operations of dark forces against Man are not limited to unbelievers. Both believers and unbelievers are groaning in pain, crying, and seeking help in many worship centers to overcome social problems caused by witchcraft operations.

A lot of believers are stagnant, unmarried, barren, and confused because Satan and his numerous agents of darkness on earth have taken many people hostage against their will.

In their war against Man, two notable crafts are mostly employed to cause diverse negative effects in the lives of their targets. These two spiritual operations are eating in the dream and sexual intercourse in the dream state.

These satanic operations are used to cause a myriad of negative effects in the lives of people.

Many years ago, it was believed that believers in Christ Jesus were out of the range of witchcraft operations, but recent developments and stories from different believers are proof that Satan, more than we care to believe, can hold believers captives.

The most disturbing fact of this strange phenomenon is that believers with this problem often discover to their dismay that fasting and intense prayers do not seem to offer a lasting solution.

When it seemed the problem was solved through a lengthy period of fasting and prayers or after seeking help from a deliverance ministry, the problem persisted.

Many people seeking deliverance are often perplexed by the return of evil spirits after a period of fasting and prayers or seeming successful deliverance session by a man or woman of God.

The reason responsible for the return of evil spirits is that no deliverance minister can stop demons from returning to their former abode - the best deliverance ministers can do is to cast out demons from their victims/targets; they cannot stop demons from returning.

Although fasting, combined with prayers, is recommended in the Bible as a means to expel certain class of evil spirits, the conditions necessary for effective fasting and prayer are often overlooked by many believers. This is due to a lack of sound scriptural teaching.

The good news, however, is that God has made adequate provisions available for believers in Christ to overcome demonic strongholds.

The publication, Overcoming Eating & Sexual Intercourse In Dreams, will show the reader a step by step instruction on how to experience permanent deliverance and how to handle demonic reactions.

The publication contains the following:

1. Introduction to Satanic Operations
2. Three Principles Governing All Satanic Operations
3. Six Effects of Eating In the Dream
4. Nine Effects of Having Sexual Intercourse In the Dream
5. Divine Process to Overcoming Demonic Strongholds (How to Break The Union of Man and Demons)
6. Little Known Truth About Evil Spirits Responsible for Sexual Intercourse In the Dream
7. Three Steps to Permanent Deliverance
8. How to Empower the Soul Against Manipulations In the Dream - The Spiritual Activity Involved Is Very        Effective  Against Manipulations By Evil Spirits
9. Three Dimensional Prayer Points to Frustrate & Overcome Evil Spirits
10. How to Handle Reactions from Evil Spirits
The reader will gain victory in a matter of days by taking three easy steps.

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