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How to Be a Better Competitor

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HOW TO BE A BETTER COMPETITOR shows you a clear and simple road with an unique approach on how to face competition in tennis, but it can also be very useful for any other individual sport. Apply its content and you will start to take more advantage of your technical and physical qualities.

The big players of the ATP and WTA are working every day to continue to evolve internally. They know very well that beyond the technical, tactical and physical, it is the mental aspect. It is precisely the internal level of evolution, which is crucial to optimize the performance.

They are 59 tips + 3 exercises (19 questions) that will help you to improve your tennis level, and It can also be very useful for any other individual sport. Each tip means a concept, a thought that, properly applied, can lead you to success as a player. Each question is like a key that, if turned in the correct direction, it can open the door for greater mental clarity.

See a different approach to competition.
Discover that inside yourself there is a big potential.
Find answers to different questions, which will lead you to start your internal development.
Accept your own reality first, to try to change it later.
See the importance of internal change.
Follow the way of tennis evolution with sportsmanship, the big and true champions show us the good example.

All this material, carefully and methodically synthesized, I am giving it to you to make the way easier.

Remember This
All the effort you do to improve your technique, tactics or physical condition, is not enough, is not enough to win. It is not enough and it will never be.
But if you start to change internally, tactical, technical and physical aspects will gradually shine. You will take more advantage of them, because you will become a better competitor.

Download HOW TO BE A BETTER COMPETITOR (digital book in English PDF format) to read it whenever you want, as many times as you want, and that it can be useful as help and guide forever. You can also print it if you want.

And any issue or comment don't hesitate to contact me.
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