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Exercising Patience and Expressing Gratitude (epub)

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This work deals with the closely-related topics of patience and gratitude. As is shown in the book, patience and gratitude are two sides of the same coin, closely-related attitudes which the Muslim should seek to foster in every aspect of his or her life.
This kind of spiritual advice is something that today's Muslims so desperately need. Far from being a set of empty rituals and nit-picking legal technicalities, or a set of words to be repeated or chanted ad nauseam, Islam is a holistic way of life: if it is applied only partially, imbalance will result. A most important aspect of Islam, which must always accompany the formal "rituals" and the recitation of du'as and dhikr, is constant remembrance of Allah and constant contact with the Divine. Developing a truly Islamic attitude of patience will enable us to do this.

We believe that Islam has the answer to many of the psychological problems that trouble mankind today, such as anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, addictions, etc. This book will, Insha'Allah, bring the spiritual and psychological benefits of our Islamic heritage to Muslims who do not have access to the works of the scholars in the original Arabic.

This book has been written to highlight the urgent need for patience, and to explain that our happiness in this life and our salvation in the Hereafter depends on patience. This book is filled with benefits and readers will benefit from its advice and teachings. What is good and correct in this book is by the help of Allah, and what is mistaken in it is from the Shaytan. May Allah forgive us. Allah is the Greatest Helper, and we put our trust in Him.

Contents of the Book:

The Definition of Patience
Different Perspectives on Patience
Five Categories of Patience
Good Patience and Bad Patience
The Patience of Noble and Ignoble People
Ways of Strengthening Patience
Man Cannot Do Without Patience
The Most Difficult Type of Patience
Patience in the Qur'an
Patience in the Ahadith
Sahabah on the Virtues of Patience
Patience at the Time of Bereavement
Patience is Half of Eman
Patience and Loving Allah
Gratitude in the Qur'an
Gratitude in the Ahadith
The Sahabah and Tabi'in on Gratitude

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