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Nail Your Return Guide

The Return 

Are you about to return to work, but starting to feel a bit anxious about it?
Perhaps you’re wondering if you can still have a strong and successful career with children….

Don’t worry, all these thoughts are absolutely normal.

And this is exactly why we created our guide that will help you to smash the glass ceiling when returning from maternity leave.

Think of it like a postnatal class for your career!

You’ll get everything you need to ensure you have a smooth and happy return to work.

People will be impressed by your confident return to the workplace, whilst also balancing your family commitments.

I’ve been so privileged to help so many women successfully navigate this journey. A number of real life success stories have gone into building these resources and they have been shaped by the several conversations I’ve had with incredibly successful women who have achieved great success on their journey to motherhood. So I can't wait to share with you exaxtly how to nail your return to work. 

This guide is also perfect if you’re wanting to secure a promotion or career advancement on your return.

This 30 page guide will :

  • Set you up for an impressive, confident and smooth return to work
  • Provide you with tools to boost your confidence levels for your return and help you to manage the mum guilt.
  • Explain how to get ahead and achieve your goals when you return to work
  • Teach you how to negotiate effectively with your employer, so support can be put in place that works for both the company that you work for and your family.
  • Provides you with a step by step plan to help with your visibility when returning back from maternity leave 
  • Give you lots of useful tips and tricks to help you to keep focused, now that you have competing demands and responsibilities.
  • Help you start planning childcare and some of the financial help available.

Bonus Resources

Roles, Responsibilities and Achievements Planner 
To help you to proactively manage the role you’re returning to and record performance achievements towards your career advancement.

This planner will help you to: 
  • Manage your role on your return to help you focus on the tasks that add value and really nail them (helping to balance your workload and get ahead)
  • Record your achievements to support your case for advancement
  • Position yourself well and evidence your accomplishments for any promotion rounds after your return
  • Negotiate key elements of the role that you will be returning to

Online Productivity Tool 
Have access to a cloud-based online productivity tool to allow you to focus on key tasks, both at work and home (appendix).

Access to our Exclusive Online Community 
You will gain full access to our exclusive online community - a supportive network of ambitious women – you’ll be able to ask questions, share your thoughts and gain lots of useful tips and advice. The perfect place to gain support and learn from other likeminded people.

Is this for me ? 

This is for you if you are about to return to work

This is for you if you have recently returned and are struggling to find your way

This is for you If you are motivated to make an impact on your return to work 

This is for you you if you need help with tools to build your confidence 

This is for you if you want to hit the ground running in terms of going after your career goals after a baby

You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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