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BSHS 445 Week 1 Evolution of Crisis Intervention

BSHS 445 Week 1 Evolution of Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention has evolved over the past few decades. This assignment explores the development of crisis intervention through specific historical events and the development of crisis intervention models that are commonly used in the field.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you become familiar with the background knowledge of crisis intervention that will be built upon in the upcoming weeks. 

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Evolution of Crisis Intervention.

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Evolution of Crisis Intervention


Part 1

Complete this timeline by including five specific events that have played a role in the evolution of crisis intervention services. Name the event and include a brief description of the event. Describe, in 50 to 75 words, the impact that each event had on the development of crisis intervention at that time.






































Event description
Impact on Crisis Intervention

The First Crisis Line
In 1906, the first crisis phone line for suicide prevention was developed.
The crisis phone line was one of the first crisis interventions available. It is also one of the longest running interventions. This led to other research into suicide prevention.Telephone crisis intervention hotlines have since been established for other crisis situations. It provides for “in- the-moment” responses to a crisis from any location.


Part 2

Choose one of the crisis intervention models discussed in your text.


Write a 750- to 1,050-word essay that includes:





A description of the model


An example of the model being used in a crisis situation


The importance and influence of multicultural awareness when using this model


APA format, including references

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