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Socially Awkward Anonymous

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Are you socially awkward? Do you find it tricky to connect to people? Or freeze up in the moment not knowing what to say? 

What could you create in your life if socialising was easier and more fun? 

This MP3 May Assist You To:Clear the freezing and anxiety that can occur for people when nervous about socialising. 

Clear where you are trying to get socialising right and then making yourself wrong.
Clear the fears of rejection and abandonment. 
Clear the overwhelm from being aware of everyone else's judgements
Create more ease with being different. 
Clear the head-tripping that can occur regarding socialising 
Clear your need to hide or avoid socialising 
Have more fun engaging with people.
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (59MB)
  • MP3 (34MB)
  • MP4 (193MB)
  • PDF (141KB)
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