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Relax and fall into a restful sleep - Guided meditation

I created this meditation to help you relax and fall into a deep and restful asleep.

​Generally sleep issues are caused by stress, whatever the origin may be (trauma, shock, fears and paradoxically feeling tired can also create sleep problems)... you tend to think about everything you need to do, you are afraid of not sleeping, afraid of not waking up on time, of being tired all day, of making mistakes at work...

The goal of this meditation is to guide you step by step towards a state of deep physical and mental relaxation for you to get quality and restorative sleep and to wake up rejuvenated.

During the whole meditation and during your sleep, you will be protected from any eventual low vibrational and intrusive energies (generally called negative energies) like bad dreams, nightmares, trauma coming back up to the surface, etc. more generally, from everything that the subconscious mind stores and that sometimes gets wild during your sleep, creating very strange dreams or even night terrors in some cases. 

You can listen to this meditation when you go to bed at night, when you take a nap or during a break. Never listen to this meditation while driving or while operating machinery, you will get in a state of deep relaxation that can lower your attention and create danger for yourself and other people.

You will get a M4A (15MB) file

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