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Fifty Shades Darker

By Shelley Marie Roz
Ana and Christian's separation cause much pain and suffering. Ana works all day and spends her nights crying. Christian lives in misery - a feeling entirely new to him. In order to escape despair, Christian keenly decides to change his ways to get Ana back.

The second attempt to a relationship is different. Both Ana and Christian adjust to each others needs and choices. This new arrangement works well with them but their happiness is cut short due to Leila's (Christian's ex-sub) appearance and foreboding. Although there is no concrete risk, Christian takes no chances and succumbs to protecting Ana at all costs. The sudden shift in their relationship infuriates Ana but she eventually understands his reasons.

Strict security has been imposed to provide protection. Yet, Leila gets an opportunity to come face-to-face with Ana. In their encounter, Leila holds a pistol but does not threaten to shoot. She is in a distressed state and in need of immediate help. Christian sees the situation at hand and tries to go in between and distract Leila. He successfully achieves his purpose by dominating Leila. However, Ana becomes troubled with what she has witnessed - a glimpse of Christian as a Dom with his sub.

The scene she has witnessed set off another dilemma in Ana and Christian's relationship. She feels insecure and uncertain. She sees herself as an unworthy partner. In order to keep Ana in his life, Christian surrenders and asks Ana to marry him. She does not easily consent to his proposal and demands for more time. Christian half-heartedly accepts.

The relationship of Christian and Ana returns to normal with both blissfully enjoying each others company. However, Ana's life is crushed when Christian fails to go home in time after flying in his helicopter. She spends her hours in silence while waiting for news about him and his arrival. It was only before midnight that Christian walks in their place and everything & everyone is relieved. The cause of delay is due to an unexplained helicopter problem. This information alerts the entire Grey family and results to stricter protection. The incident strengthens Ana and Christian's love for each other. Thus, after midnight, Ana accepts Christian's marriage proposal.

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