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The Histories of Hayward Hall (Digital Edition)

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Meet Morag Clementine. The new housekeeper at historic Hayward Hall.
Her practical and capable attitude usually keeps her out of trouble. Above all, her no-nonsense, get it done approach. And her get in the middle of the scrum outlook. Just as well, because Hayward Hall needs someone like her.

In this genre-spanning collection of original stories, Morag finds herself ensnared in the History of Hayward Hall…
  • The Space-Time Paradox - in which we meet our plucky heroine on her first day at work.
  • Love in the Past Tense - she crash lands in 1905.
  • The Mystery of the Master Suite - she disappears in mysterious circumstances.
  • The Ghost Detectors - she’s visited by a paranormal investigator in an alternate dimension.
  • Special Relativity in Space - she returns to her own time.
No ordinary housekeeper, can Morag save the house, one century at a time?
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