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The Begining To The End

By Alphamale Publishing
Fifth book in The Black Mafia Series

1. Secret terrorist organization in Sicily, Italy. 2. An alleged international criminal organization. The Man gave us the breakdown of the word ‘Mafia,’ but there are many organizations out here today. Notice I said organization: that’s man’s description of Mafia, which to them signifies wrongdoing. What they don’t tell you is that the biggest mafia family is the Government, and they are the biggest organization in the world. They, and only they, give the label of ‘who’s who’. For example: when you pay your taxes and pay for a legal name to become an organization, they label you as a legal entity, like AT&T, Sprint, Subway, BMW, and so on. When you don’t pay them for that name, they’ll overlook you, until you become what they call a threat, then they give you their own name, and they choose not to call themselves “Mafia.” The Government, just like a Mafia family, tells you about one head family then the branches beneath it. You have individuals waiting to become the head, if not just as powerful as them. Their heads are the SAS and NSA, which are ran by the President, with smaller organizations coming up the rear; CIA, FBI, ATF and IRS. These are the ones the boss sends to get the newly earned mafia named family. The DEA, VTF, and other local families (local Police) are the ones who come after the little wannabe family members, who are trying to make a name for themselves. It has been said plenty of times by whites that the Black Panthers is a mafia family. But, the Boss of bosses gave them a political name, because they do not do what the others do to become a Mafia organization. The Panthers chose to fight for Black Civil rights, and didn’t take part in drugs or anything to do with street money. But, the Boss of bosses (Government) knows now that there is a Black Mafia family out here. For they had their run, but the Black head family, spanning back to the ‘40’s and ‘50’s was just a little smarter than the Boss of all bosses and with that intelligence the Black head family did like the Panthers and went underground. For the new Black family you see or hear of (BMF), is not the head, they just want to be a part of it. The true head is still out here, but the name is “Black Mafia.” See, there is no ‘F’ on the end, its acronym would simply be ‘BM.’ For years the Government (Boss of bosses) did not want you to think there was black organizations out here strong enough to be family oriented, for with their help we have built this mental wall, not knowing there is a strong family on the other side of that wall. For it’s you that has to break down that wall as the Chinese, Russians, and Italians have done. Blacks do not need the name ‘mafia’, truth be told the name needs us, for we are strength in everyway (sports, business, life, crime.) We are the future and the future is us. Black Mafia

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