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Sold to Sterling: The Complete Series (Ebook)

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Tonight, my virginity goes to the highest bidder…

The best I can hope for is that my buyer won’t be a creep.
And that he won’t hurt me.

But I’ll confess, by the time the auction is over, this lifelong book nerd is shaking in her high heels.

And then I meet him. Sterling.
He’s gorgeous, loaded, and, as I soon come to realize, highly accomplished in the field of delivering multiple Os.

But what did he mean when he said he can’t remember the last time his hands were clean? And why does his sleepy country estate need a man with a gun guarding the entrance?

Most importantly, am I going to be his guest here…or his prisoner?


Buy her. Seduce her. Destroy her.
That was the agenda.

But that was before I knew Trudy Potter.
Before I tasted her, touched her. Before she reached into the darkness and made me smile for the first time in years. 

Too bad we were doomed from the start.
She’ll never forgive me for the lies I’ve told, and I can’t love a woman whose brother destroyed my family.

I already know how this ends—in pain and chaos.

But I’ve underestimated my true enemy, and how far he’s willing to go to ensure Trudy and I never live happily ever after.
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