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A Simple Guide to Preparing for Ramadan (epub)

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The blessed month of Ramadan holds a very special place in the heart of every Muslim, and is eagerly anticipated by one and all. While most people are aware of the abundant blessings, special mercies and tremendous rewards that are on offer in this auspicious period, not all manage to capitalize on this opportunity and improve their relationship with their Creator during this month of mercy.

In this regard, it is the pious servants of Allah Ta'ala who truly understand the objective of Ramadan and the crucial role it plays in the life of a Muslim. They thus value every second of this blessed month and strive to gain maximum goodness and blessings from it.
In order for us to benefit in this month and make significant spiritual progress, it is vital for us to have the correct mindset so that we understand the true spirit of Ramadan. This simple and concise booklet, for the young and old, is a collection of various articles. It is hoped that these articles will assist in shedding light on different dimensions of the spirit of Ramadan.

Contents of the Book:

The Approach of Ramadan
Refraining from Sin
Creating a Ta'leem Schedule
'Eid Preparations and 'Eid Shopping
The Season of Earning
A Lifetime Opportunity
The Issue with Taraaweeh
Time is Money
Destructive Distractions
The Object of Ramadan
Ramadan and Reformation
Weeping and Decorating the Heart
Just a Waste
The Reality of 'Eid

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