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Free Use Bimbos 9: Fucking My Pregnant Mother

I waited until mom was at the height of her pregnancy. Free-use laws stated that all women will obey all men.

Even if they were related.

Mom balked at my commands, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Nothing, but obey me.


My 43-year-old mother had gone and gotten herself knocked up. I don't know why or with whom, but that didn't matter. I was going to take full advantage of the situation.

Mom didn't know it, but I had a full-fledged pregnancy fetish. Every time she walked past me with her big, hanging belly and large, milk-filled breasts, my cock sprang to life.

Every day I watched her belly get bigger. When she started complaining of morning sickness, I helped her out as much as I could.

When her feet were tired and swollen, I rubbed them. Anything to get close to her. I could have her anytime, but I waited.

I wanted to experience her at the height of her pregnancy. When her breasts were dripping with milk and her belly was as big as a watermelon. But I didn't want to wait until she was bedridden and close to delivery, either.

That moment came around the end of the 8th month. She was puttering around the house, trying her best to keep up with the dusting (seriously, who the hell dusts when 8 months pregnant?), when she just couldn't do it anymore.

That's when I pounced.

Mom was washing dishes in the sink when I came up behind her and complimented her.

"I really appreciate you taking care of the house while pregnant, mom."

"Thank you, son --!" She started to say, but when she turned around, she saw my large, cock poking skyward, pointing right at her pretty, motherly face.

"Son?" She looked at me quizzically.

"It's time, mom."

She shook her golden, curly locks. "I don't understand. Time for what?"

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