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Highland Fling - a boy, a girl, a dating guru. What can possibly go wrong? (ebook)

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“Took only 4 nights to devour this book, and I loved every page. The story and characters were very credible, in that the lead man is somebody I wouldn’t mind the “love guru” setting me up with.”

“It's a great mix of funny moments and that 'does he like me' awkwardness. This book is full of witty dialogue, quirky characters you just know you'd recognise if you met them, and scenery that comes to life, making you want to hop in your car and go there. 

“Just the thing for a windswept autumn afternoon. Witty, fast paced modern romance, fantastic. Would read more by this author.

“Great characters and didn't want to put it down! Funny and romantic and definitely made me want to visit Scotland again soon!"

A boy, a girl, a dating guru—what can possibly go wrong?!

Gaby’s recently split from her boyfriend of ten years and needs to escape fast. Where better than the Highlands of Scotland where she can lick her wounds and recover in peace and quiet?

Fate has different ideas in mind. First, there’s the rough and ready Jack McAllan who bears more than a passing resemblance to the fabled Jamie Fraser of Outlander fame. He’s an important part of the local community, even if he’s failed to impress Gaby so far. Who knew a guy could be so rude and taciturn?

Then, there’s the mystery of the woman whose home she now inhabits. Kirsty’s left too many tantalising clues for Gaby to resist. Why did Kirsty run, and does it have anything to do with the red-haired Scot who keeps turning up in Gaby’s daydreams much as she tries to resist…

Featuring kilts, mist-cloaked hills, lochs where the water runs deep and a little too much whisky, Highland Fling is a sweet, fun-filled romp through Scottish village life, finding love, making a fool of yourself and discovering that an overactive imagination leads you into all kinds of trouble…

The perfect book for fans of Jill Mansell, Sophie Kinsella and Jenny Colgan.

Book number one in the Highland Books series.

Recommendations for Emma Baird’s writing:

"Great story, well-written and engaging characters.”

“Can’t wait to read the next Emma Baird book.”

“Great book. It kept my attention throughout.”

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