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Are You Being Gaslit?: The Telltale Signs You Are Dealing WIth Gaslighting From A Narcissist

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Do you find yourself constantly questioning your relationship? Does your partner make you think you are the problem all the time? Are the relationships you are in healthy, or does it feel like a toxic relationship?

Narcissistic people have an uncanny ability to project and do the wrongs they feel like we are to blame for them. Toxic people are masters of projection, as well as gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a tactic of the narcissist and toxic people that are meant to slowly drive us insane and make us question if we are the ones to blame for the toxic relationship.

It is important to know what gaslighting is and recognize manipulative and emotionally abusive people when you see them. If overlooked for too long, the gaslighting effect of the narcissist can cause real mental illnesses to the victim.

In this gaslighting recovery book, you will learn the different ways that narcissists gaslight their partners and what you can do to prevent being further gaslit.

It is important to understand that these toxic narcissistic people will never stop gaslighting you or manipulating you. As long as you continue to believe you can change them for the better and understand them, they will become better people; you only play more into the hands of these toxic people.

Narcissistic people feed on sincerity and ignorance. Nothing scared a narcissist more than an educated empath!

These gaslights can be your narcissistic mother, narcissistic father, narcissistic husband, and narcissistic wife.

They can be your family, friends, toxic co-workers, or just strangers on the street. The more you know what to look out for, the easier it will be to defend yourself from these people.
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