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Angled LLC pointed foot leather boots public crutching -Marina -

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39:02 minutes long. Full HD quality. Sound on. VIDEO PREVIEW AVAILABLE

Shoe size : 38 EU / 7 US. 167 cm tall.

She is using a plaster angled LLC with pointed foot. Her toenails are paint in red, she is wearing a leather black boot and a short dress.

At first she is crutching leaving her house, she gets into the car and then leaves. Once she leaves the car she is crutching in the street for a long time because she wants to see the beach. She is crutching non-stoping for a long time in the street with people around suprised to see an angled cast. After a long time crutching she reaches the beach and is resting next to the sand her casted leg in a bench with great close-up shots of her toenails and cast. She is also rubbing her cast and massasing her toes.

Then she continues crutching in the street and makes fun of her cast because from a frontal perspective looks like a leg is missing because is completely angled (90 degrees). She is crutching for a while next to the beach with great frontal, side and shots from behind where you will see her arched casted sole and bottom of her cast.

After a long crutching she is in a park playing and swinging. Also resting a little bit because she is tired after a long crutching time. She is also hopping inside the park. Finally she is crutching upstairs until she reaches the car and gets inside.

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file