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1500 Sales - Clip Art Collection - Retro UPLR License

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"Resellers, and business website owners alike should always use great business graphics on they're sales pages"

      Do have great items for sale but your sales pages are a little dull? Successful entrepreneurs know that success in selling has a great deal to do with product presentation. If you have a great big webpage full of text and no graphics, you have a bad sales page. I mean, let's face it text is good, but when you can use graphics to help tell the story, you keep more attention to your page, hence you get more sales.

     I'm not saying you can't get sales with little or no images on your sales pages, but you can increase your sales simply by adding a quality graphic or two. Liven up you're sale page with color and images of excited people!

     Resellers, Have you found a resale product  that you think you could sell, but it does not come with it's own sales page, or the web page that comes with it is just plain dull? Well you can probably get that product for relatively cheap, and if you can liven up the sales page with some quality graphics, you can probably get more for the product than you originally bough it for. Good sales usually comes from a quality product with good marketing, and all of that starts with a quality sales page.

     Software and e-book designers, get more sales of you're products by jazzing up those pages with some quality graphics. You work so hard to create your product, now sell it! You know what your product can do for the consumer, so with your text descriptions, and graphics from this collection, you now have the product and sales tools you need to maximize your product distribution.

    This clipart collection is priced to sell, and there is over 1500 very useful graphics, you simply cannot go wrong with an intelligent purchase like this to help grow you're busines

273 - Bullets
26 - Contact
12 - Discount
22 - Download
60 - Financial
93. - Guarantee
53 - Help
176 - Icons
51 - Misc.
24 - New
46 - Order
169 - People
38 - Sales
367 - Banners & Stars
67 - Trial
28 - Web

License - Unlimited Private Label Rights
You will get a ZIP (9MB) file
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