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This extraordinary volume of writings, I am certain, contains revealed information of the greatest magnitude and importance for humanity. Combining for the first time three important books in one and written in very simple, matter-of-fact terms, this newly comprehensive narrative provides for me the only truly persuasive explanation I have discovered to date of our physical origins, our planetary history, our place and present standing in our known universe, and last but not least, the reasons behind our chronically divisive and potentially self-destructive global religious beliefs. For all these reasons I believe that this new book, along with four others written by Rael, has the power to transform our understanding of our greatly troubled world and open the way towards a new and unprecedented era of global peace, harmony and unprecedented scientific and social progress. Above all, the writings by Rael between these covers affirm that we are not alone in our universe. They demonstrate that we are at present very junior but highly potent members of a greater clan of galactic humanity just like ourselves - we are loved, observed and guided so far as we chose to allow ourselves to be, by a superior advanced human civilization that conceived and engineered our very existence on this planet. Although these three-books-in-one do not exhaustively say everything nor answer every conceivable question about our universe and ourselves, they vastly overshadow everything else published in the UFO/space field by offering obviously authoritative insights into

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