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Recycled Souls

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Reincarnation is generally considered a religious concept which implies that upon a person’s death, their soul is transferred to a new-born. 

It sounds like the stuff of fantasy. 

However, even though Elizabeth feels as if her entire world crumbles at her feet when her parents announce they will be moving to Ireland, little did she know if she did not move to Ireland, she might never have met Jared or Joshua. 

The farm they live on is one of three farms that encircle the village on the west coast of Ireland and have been in the same families for the last 600 years. 

Elizabeth is told the story about Eilish who lived in the same manor many years ago, and refused to marry Gerard, from the neighbouring farm, but she did form a close relationship with a servant boy named Devlin. 

Elizabeth discovers there are many kinds of love and they are all equally important.


  • Page count: 629
  • Trim Size: Pocket Book (4.25" x 6.875" / 108 x 175 mm)
  • Binding type: Perfect Bound
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