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The Lost Chapters of LOA - special bundle

30 eBook with more than 800 pages all about how you can finally success with the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction and Law of Inspired Action

Focus on creating reality from the higher levels. Seek inspired reality creating and to master creating with effortlessness. Learn to create with less effort, less strain, less stress and to create with more flow, more ease and more relaxation. When you create more effortlessly, things can gel together more easily in framework 2 or nonphysical reality. Creativity and inspiration flows much better. You can accomplish more things because you have more energy and mood to do things. You offer less resistance to outcomes. You can focus and imagine better. You have more mana or mental energy. You are able to maintain vibrational alignment more easily and more often. The idea is to be able to care less, relax more, enjoy more, maintain belief in yourself, focus on clear action that combines logic and intuition. 

You either put in more energy at other times, or put in less energy at the right time which is the time when you are inspired to act. Both ways add to the energy store that will be released in cycles to manifest the intended effect. Let all your actions both mental and physical be inspired actions. When you use inspired intention, the energy flow is there and is more effortless and more creative. The manifestation happens at times when certain astrological aspects come together, or energy and time harmonics are in play. All the energy that you put in is cumulative and is not wasted if it is focused on things that you actually enjoy and is something you have a vision for.


The law of inspired action not only governs what to do, but it also governs when to do it. If right now you feel like doing it, do not procrastinate. Do it now, or as soon as you have the space to do it. If you feel like doing something but not right now, wait until a later time when the impulse to do it is stronger and there is less resistance to doing it, then act on it at that time.

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The Lost Chapters of Law of Attracion - special bundle


Bundle Includes

30 eBooks with more than 800 pages! Everything you have to now about the LOA!

Book titles:

1.    Discover you passion

2.    Your sacred unity

3.    Attracting true love

4.    Removing love roadblocks

5.    Your genius zone

6.    Overcoming bad habits for good

7.    Claiming your true authority

8.    Your divine manifesting power

9.    Your spiritual guide

10. Your invisible side of success

11. Strong mental health secrets

12. Your money magnet

13. Spiritual money blueprint

14. Your divine gifts and talents

15. Overcoming failure for good

16. The secrets of youthfulness

17. The powerful you

18. Visionary entrepreneur secrets

19. Magic of stillness in you

20. Removing reality roadblock

21. Magnetic relationships with others

22. Soulmate attraction secrets

23. At your command

24. Brave thinking

25. The secret prayer

26. The power of now

27. Discover your hidden treasure

28. Greatness in you

29. Your unlimited power

30. Attract better vibrancy with the right food