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Aquarius And Food Habits

There is this adage saying that we are what we eat. An individual who has good eating habits and routines will certainly be more active, energetic, and healthy. When talking about eating habits, astrology comes in the picture again. Our zodiac sign influences our liking for a particular cuisine or food habit.

Talking of Aquarius, they are not very fussy with food. They are quite active and fit. They don’t like experimenting and stick to their old habits. They will eat whatever they have been eating for years and enjoy it. They like enjoying food with their friends and family. They will be seen enjoying at a Buffett or potluck party. One thing that is constant with them is their love for coffee. They binge on snacks and light food rather than a full-fledged meals. They like strawberry and vanilla flavors of ice cream.

Aquarius usually have fancy cutlery and fully equipped kitchen with the latest gadgets. For them what matters is the taste of the dish rather than the presentation. They generally prefer vegetarian food and are more towards vegetables and fruits. They don’t like protein-rich food which they should generally take. In fruits, they like apples, oranges, pears, etc. In vegetables, they opt for broccoli, steamed veggies, carrots, corn, etc.

Drinking Coffee for them is like a drug for the, they cannot start their work without having a cup of coffee, it sticks to them like a bad habit does, it is their daily meal substitute which Aquarius will never break.

Aquarius also excludes sweets like ice creams, cakes, and candy, but yes they would like to consume little amount of dark chocolate which is said to be healthy. Aquarius are suggested not to intake alcoholic drinks because it can harm Aquarius delicate nervous system. But a small amount of beer or champagne would not be a problem, having once in a blue moon will act as purifying their body.

The Aquarius should follow a healthy and good food habit. They should take good rich in sodium chloride like radish, parsley, lettuce, apricots, peppers, strawberries, low-fat cheese should be added in the diet. Avoid junk food and limit the intake of caffeine. As can be seen that they are not big foodies but like eating junk at times and enjoy their food best with their friends and family. Aquarius are going well with their dietary system.

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