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Full Extraterrestrial Disclosure (pt 1)

My name is Robert Laster and we're going on a fantastic adventure of full disclosure today. Perhaps you've been waiting on some type of governmental full disclosure! The truth is that such governing bodies have (in fact) already given you the disclosure you seek. What world governments are guilty for is 'delaying public talks' about our visiting star families. As far as confirming to any doubters that these visitors exist, that's been fully disclosed and done so very publically. This is part 1 of the disclosure. When refuse to subscribe to systematic ignorance (not knowing), life is much bigger than what's televised on mainstream television. When we stop depending on governments for our source of truths, we realize truth is all around us. Our reality is shaped on how we see and interact with the evidence. There's a uniqueness to truth. It's immeasurable. Accepting it doesn't have to be riddled with fear. Truth was never meant to be paralleled with fearfulness of our creators or refusing our place in the cosmos. Don't wait for your government to talk about what they've already disclosed. They've already done so, to the extent they're willing to. There's a reason for their reluctance to talk openly on this most sensitive truth. Here's the first part to many governing institutions testimonies and much more about our co-dwelling inter-terrestrial species and visiting star families. This is being offered into your circumference of awareness as *WHAT IS, not *WHAT MIGHT BE. It's being afforded to you in the energy of cosmic love. 

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